About Danielle

I’m a writer, speaker and communications professional. My first colon cancer survivor blog became the spark that led me to share my personal story of surviving the disease at age 17 so publicaly. Things took off from there.

My personal story of surviving colon cancer has been told around the world through syndicated online and print newspaper articles, blogs, the 2009 Colondar and on numerous TV, radio shows and podcasts including The Today Show, BBC’s ‘World Have Your Say’, Sirius Radio’s Doctor Radio, The Chicago Tribune, among others.

I’m at home when I’m in Kansas City hanging out with my husband and daughter in our 1920s-era house we affectionately call “Corner of Monroe.”


I started blogging in 2009 after my second colon cancer diagnosis. Since then, my blog has grown to talk about all kinds of topics survivors face. In addition to surviving cancer, I write a lot about adoption, family, baking and other topics I’ve faced as a survivor. I write to encourage other survivors that faith can survive any trial.

Personal Colon Cancer Survivor Blog

My blog talks a lot about life as a two-time colon cancer survivor. I’m one of the faces of those who make up the growing number of early-onset colorectal cancer. Basically – I was diagnosed really young – way before screening typically starts. On my blog, I open up and tell you what life as a long-term survivor is like.


In addition to blogging my personal story, I’m a writer and storyteller. I’ve authored several devotionals, articles and guest blog posts. My first book, Unexpected: 25 Daily Advent Devotionals, released during advent 2018.

I’m currently working on my first memoir.

If you’re interested in having me write a guest or sponsored post for you, please contact me.


I step out from behind the keyboard once in awhile to share my story to rooms full of people who need inspired to find hope in the world despite hardships.

I also teach workshops on a variety of communications topics – from SEO content writing to storytelling best practices. Learn more about my speaking and workshops.

Communications Professional

Cancer at age 17 led me into the communications field where I’ve built a career. I’ve served in several communications roles and now as a freelancer, I step in to help teams with a variety of communications needs.

From communications planning and strategy to pitching media, writing social posts, crafting press releases and more, if you need an extra set of hands on your comm/marketing team, let’s talk.

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