I talk a lot about God. I don’t hide that I believe and follow Jesus. I believe the invitation to this faith is open to anyone and everyone. Nobody is exempt from God’s love.

The message to receive Jesus is growing quite unpopular in today’s culture. Especially in the Western world, some consider it offensive to share this message.

Others have very understandable, reasonable and fair objections to accepting the faith. Christians haven’t exactly done a bang-up job at putting the love of Jesus on display. (And, on behalf of all of us, we’re sorry.)

But as a writer, my priority is to keep it real. I strive to be honest, authentic and open. So it’s imperative I share this piece of my story with you – the piece that says putting faith in Jesus is the best decision you can make.

Why Jesus?

If you’re not sure about Jesus or unfamiliar with the story, this video summarizes it really well:

The invitation once you learn about Jesus is to receive him.

How to Receive Jesus

You can receive Jesus right here on this page. You’ll know when you’re ready. It’s between you and God – never pressured – always peaceful.

It looks different for everyone, but I’ve seen it work this way:

  • Some feel like their hearts are going to beat out of their chests
  • Others get sweaty armpits and slightly shaking hands
  • Some hear a silent voice in their ears, a gentle nudge to say “yes” to something they’ve previously said “no” to
  • Others don’t feel much of anything, but something inside of them, a weaker impulse, says this is right. Say yes to God.

If this is you and where you’re at, I encourage you to go all the way.

I promise you won’t ever regret it.


What to pray to receive Jesus

There’s a lot of resources that can walk you through what to say and pray when you’re ready to ask Jesus into your life. Just google “sinner’s prayer,” “salvation prayer,” or pull up Psalm 51 – those are all good guides.

Or, here’s a simple prayer I like to say. It goes something like this:

God, I need you. And I’m ready. I’m ready to stop living life on my own, without you. I don’t want to only think about you or question if you’re real. I trust you’re real today. I’m not perfect, I’ve messed up. I’ve lived without you in my heart. I’m sorry, forgive me. Today, I want to live differently. I believe Jesus is who He said He is – the way, truth and the life. I believe He died so I can pray this prayer and find my imperfections, my sins, are forgiven. I don’t understand it all, and it’s hard for me to trust. But today, I choose to say yes and believe in you. Transform my heart and fill me with your peace and joy. Today, I am stepping into my true identity, I am a child of God. Amen.

What faith in Jesus looks like

To accept Jesus is to pray a prayer asking Him to rule your life. Once you pray and surrender to God, then you turn purple.

Just kidding.

Then, I’m not sure what will happen for you. Again, it’s super personal. I’ve seen it look this way:

  • Some people feel an immediate relief and release in their hearts – they feel peace and freedom
  • Some people don’t feel anything at all, but they’re confident they made the right decision
  • Some people immediately fear what others will think and say
  • Some people jump around, laugh and smile – they’re filled with amazing joy

And some people feel all of these things at the same time. Again – God is personal. No one person is the same.

But what you will know, and never forget, is the decision you made to give everything inside of you to God.

The mind, heart and body don’t forget the moment of surrender.

What should you do after you pray to receive Jesus?

Grab a Christian friend and let them know if you prayed to receive Jesus for the first time! While you can pray this privately, it’s not ideal to keep it hidden or stay alone.

Sharing this news will activate the transformation in your life.

Plus, you don’t want to miss out on being welcomed into the family. (It’s the best – seriously.)

If you don’t have someone you trust to share this with, please contact me. Seriously – it’s why I’m here.

It would be a joy to hear your story and welcome you as my brother or sister!

Why is faith important?

It’s imperative to consider what you believe about God and faith. Even if you declare to have “no faith,” or if you believe in a faith different from mine, it’s important to mull over your beliefs about the afterlife.

The lucky ones on earth get 80-90, maybe 100 years. Why are we all here for such a short period of time?

And what happens after we die?

I know we won’t all answer this question in the same way. But it’s important to ponder.

Not only does it unlock the meaning of life, but it helps us through trials and suffering.

As a cancer survivor who was diagnosed in my teens, I first faced these questions early in my life, and often. This drove me to my faith, and the motivation for sharing it.

If you follow a different faith from me, I respect you, honor you and love you.

The Christian message is hinged upon loving your neighbor; agreeing with one another on all topics and issues isn’t a requirement for love.

But the reason I share my faith so boldly is because Jesus of Nazareth is a confusing guy, yet the most amazing guy, who I’ve ever studied. The way He treated all people with respect and love is how I aspire to live out my days.

He took on suffering and abuse, not shying away from trials and pain, all so He could model true love for us.

And after I learned about His life and read His message to us:  I believe Him.

I’ve received Him in my heart, and this is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.

And as part of receiving it and becoming his family, I can’t help but share it and offer the same invitation to you.