I am a communications professional who approaches the work as a storyteller.

As a kid, I strolled around my backyard with a red paperback thesaurus while my brother tossed a football with our neighbor.

I’ve always loved words. They paint pictures and landscapes. Words evoke emotion. Language is what we use to showcase impact.

The right words can bring people through the door. They can change lives.

Words matter.

As a storyteller, I can help you explain what you do, who you help and how you make a difference.

I offer workshops that teach writing, speaking and campaigns.

And, I write my own stories (check out my blog)!

Storytelling is an age-old process that’s fun and invigorating. Or, as my thesaurus adds, stimulating, rejuvenating and refreshing.

There’s tremendous power in our stories. If you need help telling yours, let’s talk!

What Is A Storyteller?

Everyone has a story and can be a storyteller – sometimes it just takes someone else seeing it, and someone who can help tell it.

Organizations and businesses have stories too – more than they can count.

As a storyteller, I work with nonprofits and Christian ministries, small and large businesses. I can help identify great stories and then help you tell them.

My style involves both right-brained creativity (writing the content and brainstorming ideas) as well as left-brained organization. (I’m known for strong project management skills.)

Here are the types of projects I typically take on:

How is “Storyteller” the same or different from “Communications Professional” or “Consultant”?

I’m a trained and experienced communications professional who has worked alongside heavy-hitting brands and collaborated on out-of-this-world projects for over 12 years.

I’ve worked in advertising, public relations, nonprofit communications and small business marketing. As an employee on staff, and also as a freelancer or entrepreneur, I understand the dynamics of teams.

What I’m doing now is often referred to as “freelance communications work” or “consulting.”

But “storyteller” fits my approach best. In all of my projects, I want to elevate the power of a story to achieve goals. This is what “sticks” with people.

Plus, I feel less inclined to wear fancy work clothes when I’m not your typical “consultant.”

Get in Touch

Do you need a storyteller to support your team? Looking for an extra writer, editor or someone to help your employees articulate your story? I’d love to chat and explore how I can help. Drop me an email and I’ll be in touch.