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Yogurtini – Day 45

Yogurtini. That’s how we broke our 45 day sugar fast tonight. Just walking the floor and staring at the delicious flavors of cold, frozen yogurt made my mouth water. I filled my cup with half cookies and cream and half coffee.

And then came the toppings – oh good heavens the toppings.

In the midst of crushed oreos and kit kats piled on top of my fro yo, I sprinkled on mini reeses peanut butter cups AND a spoonful of monster cookie dough. (Hellooooooo m&ms, oh how I’ve missed you!)

I took a bite. It tasted heavenly – or what I suppose food in Heaven tastes like. It was the perfect way to enjoy sugar again. (And it was a lot – I couldn’t finish it all!)


Along the Way

I’ve been thinking all day and wondering what to write for this final post of the sugar fast. On Day One when this kicked off, I was certain I’d have a long blog full of all sorts of wisdom today.

But as I reflect on the past 45 days, I look back and realize my blog updates kept a pretty good record of the insights that came from this fast. And if anything, I’m reminded once again to not focus so much on the destination itself, but to enjoy the moments along the way.

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One More Day – Day 44

Well friends – time flies when you’re flying around the country and not eating sugar. I am excited tomorrow is the last day of my sugar fast!

I plan to eat m&ms first (of course). I’ll probably drink a Jack & Coke during the day. I’ve strangely missed pop a lot. Ice cream will definitely be on the docket. And this weekend – blueberry pie, cinnamon rolls and those delicious Reeses peanut butter eggs (my Easter basket favorite).

Immediate challenge of today?  MAKE IT ONE MORE DAY.



That little “A” word of anticipation seems to be the name of my game these days. It’s not like I’ve never had to wait for anything, but to be honest, it has been awhile since I’ve sat in the waiting room of life. But eating sugar again is one of many events I am waiting for right now. And it’s hard!

I want to give you the “safe” answers and explain why – telling you the anticipation of moving away from my full-time job in a month or so and heading back into the world of freelance has me anxiously nervous yet excited. I want to blame all of these feelings on the book I’m writing that currently has no publisher or even promise of making it to print. My heart is with friends on clinical trials, hoping their next scans show the treatments are working.

And I don’t know about you but while I wade in the waters of this hopeful anticipation, I discover the real reason I don’t like it:

It can bring out the ugly in me.

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A Monumental Week – Day 36

When I decided to blog throughout my sugar fast, I had two guesses about how this would go. One has come true, and the other has not.

I first guessed keeping up with daily blogs would be a challenge throughout March. Three different big events in three different cities (like the PGA tournament in Arizona, a major live stream in LA and then this week’s Call-on Congress in D.C.) is a lot! (Apologies for the lag in updates!)

I’m proud to share I’ve held strong – I’ve stuck to my sugar fast and did not cheat once!

But my second guess was that a lot of these blogs would be full of decadent descriptions of the warm chocolate chip cookies, the flourless dark chocolate cake, the tempting bowl full of miniature candies sitting on the conference room table calling my name.

I thought I’d focus a lot on what I’ve gone without, but as I sit down to write a long-overdue update, I just want to tell you what I’ve been blessed with.

A Week of Advocacy


I want to tell and show you the advocacy event that 12 staff pull off each March (in the midst of two other large-scale events!). I want to introduce you to fellow colorectal cancer advocates – friends I’ve made over the years whose connections have helped me heal.


I want to tell you my family came to D.C. with me this year.

I want to explain how much I loved standing under the tall marble columns together and looking up at the grandiose statues. There’s great wisdom and extreme importance in remembering the past – to experience it as a family has been incredible.

B3-way-to-dc korean-monument-mb lincoln-monument-mae jefferson-monument-mae roosevelt-monument-kids

I want to tell you I talked with a lot of people from around the world this week – the UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, Argentina – and it reminded me once more of our shared humanity. We must know no borders when it comes to helping our fellow man.

puerto-rico-advocates-fightcrc fightcrc-advocates-maia

I want to tell you that although my body is tired, my suitcase is a wreck, my flight is cancelled because of a snowstorm and my sugar cravings have not subsided (less than 10 days to go!)- my heart is full.


It doesn’t always come naturally to “look on the bright side.” But, I’m learning.

I can either choose to focus on what I’ve gone without – or I can choose to be grateful and share what I’ve been blessed with.

When I pick the latter, I am at peace. I can face changes with confidence. I can handle disappointments with grace. I can smile although it’s cold and rainy. I can say “no thanks” to the dessert table.

And in this place, I regain my perspective. I too can be monumental.

City of Stars – Day 25

I’ve been in Los Angeles this week – the city of angels to some, the city of dreams and stars to others. No matter how you view Los Angeles, there’s a few things everyone can seem to agree upon:

  • The palm trees are beautiful.
  • The traffic is horrible.
  • It’s a city full of dreamers.

I was out there with Fight CRC – we hosted a live stream from LA to take our colorectal cancer screening tour coast to coast. (You can watch it here!)


I enjoyed being in California.

Feeling the sun beat down on my pale skin was refreshing. I loved the huge pots of succulents lining the steps of old Beverly Hills homes. A few moments of hearing the big waves on Venice Beach brought calmness and peace. Driving past big studio lots with tall walls and grand entrances stirred up feelings of anticipation – even for a non-actor like me.


It didn’t take much for me to understand why so many people are captivated by the city of LA:

It’s a place full of hope.

The Power of Hope

I wrote on hope a few weeks ago and I just finished Teri Griege’s book Powered by Hope – so hope is on my mind!

As this sugar fast carries on (I’m over half way there!) and Lent draws closer to an end – I can’t shake this thought:

In this world, there is hope, but we must be willing to see it that way.

This view isn’t easy. It’s actually really hard.

The world we can see is full of scandals, killings, disagreements, loss, sickness and pain. Lots of closed doors and missed opportunities seem to be the norm. We’re surrounded by situations that drain hope and anticipation quicker than a slashed tire leaks air.

Yet in the midst of pain, I 100% believe there’s always something to look forward to.

Fasting doesn’t mean what you’re abstaining from won’t ever come back- inherent in its definition is the guarantee of what will return. I WILL eat sugar again!

The City of Los Angeles doesn’t guarantee stardom and celebrity, fame and success – but it stirs up excitement. When I walked its sunny streets I too began believing I was made for greatness!

The live stream we did this week doesn’t guarantee people will call their doctors and get screened for colorectal cancer, it doesn’t even mean people won’t get diagnosed. But it does mean they now have the information, education and tools to act and get support when they’re ready. AND it means although cancer was a bad thing that happened to me, God used it for GOOD this week. I’m alive and am here to tell my story – now THAT is HOPE.

And, what’s closest to my heart, Lent. The past 25 days have reminded me life isn’t about withdrawal so I can do a bunch of religious stuff and earn my way to Heaven. Thank God! Nope – Lent is about remembering I can’t do enough for God and grace says that’s OK. Easter is the epitome of hope – it’s where hope started and it’s where hope will end. God kept his promises and there’s even more to come.

This world is full stars. Anticipation. Love. And dreams. We can’t always feel it, we rarely see it, but it’s there if we’re willing to believe.

Hope says just wait – there’s more to come.

We ain’t seen anything yet.

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