I've been talking about you lately. Yes, you, blog reader. And by talking, I should say writing.

I've added bits of my blogging story into my memoir. I go into why I started Semicolon Stories in 2009 and, in that process, have been reflecting over my blog's growth into this website... and now a book!

Yet as I've plunged into these waters I've dreamed of swimming in (becoming a book author!), I'm feeling the need to connect with my roots. Thus, this blog post.

I imagine this feels a little like growing up in the country yet moving to the city. You want to embrace the new things, yet a strong impulse craves the chance to slip on boots, speed down gravel roads or, how does Luke Bryan say it, kick the dust up? You know, the longing to return to the place you started?

So friends, that's the post today.

Life Lately

Some of you subscribe to my Monday Morning Survival Guide so you hear from me each week. I've written a few devotionals so far this year, but I know these "real life" blog updates have been few and far between.

I'm finding that writing a book that's become an 80,000-word memoir (yep, for reals) sucks up most of my time. So far, the majority of 2020 has gone toward this project. But, the manuscript will soon be sent to the publisher for copy editing! Yay!

A full post with a book update is coming soon, but in the meantime, this is quick HELLO! Here's a snapshot of what's new:

  • Mae's playing basketball and enjoying it. Yet, in the midst, she's also realizing God built her for speed. (Pray with me that she'll join track one day... this girl is FAST.)
  • We took a trip to Chicago a few weeks ago so I could meet with a few clients. Mae's favorite part was the big, silver bean. We toured the DuSable Museum of African American History on King Day and it was incredible.
  • Have I mentioned I'm writing a book?
  • Mikey has not let what I'm calling our "Dishwasher saga of 2019/2020" ruin our life. I think, as of this week, we've got it replaced and peace is restored. Oh, and thanks to Facebook friends, we replaced our broken one with a Bosch. No questions asked. Social media recommendations for the win!
  • We bought my uncle's Jeep, which if you knew me as a little girl, driving a Jeep was in my Top 3 goals for life. So I'm really stepping into destiny here.
  • I became a 19-year cancer survivor on January 23!

Okay friends, more to come but I've got to run. Enjoy a few pictures and I can't wait to catch up with you again soon!


Have I mentioned I've been working on my BOOK! Hah. Story of my life! Mark your calendars for Sept. 15, 2020!


In prep for all things book launch, the talented Rebecca Claire took some pics for me! More to come!


Not ALL of life is about book and work... here's a snapshot of our Tuesday night house church, part of Navah Church. We love co-leading and meeting with this group each week! (not all pictured)


Chicago did not disappoint! This was Mae's favorite part—the bean!


We were so excited to celebrate King Day at the DuSable Museum. They offered a live performance to teach about Dr. King's life and special activities for the kids. Powerful!


Loved getting to visit Wheaton College and meet with my new client, Dr. Jamie Aten, who is a disaster expert focused on researching and resourcing those facing them (including personal disasters like cancer!) We're cooking up some SUPER awesome things!


Since we road tripped to Chicago, we swung into the Land of Lincoln on our way home for a tour of Abe Lincoln's house... and outhouse, which is not pictured. Mae asked about ghosts, to which our tour guide did dish out a few spirited stories.


My favorite part of Chicago? Hard to choose just one, but Dylan's Candy Bar is certainly up there. Can't deny how much I love a good candy store.