I realized something as I sat on the rowing machine yesterday talking to my friend Kaitlyn about these daily blogs:

You all are helping keep me accountable.

Yes, it's true. We may not even know one another personally, but just imagining your eyes hitting these posts is enough to keep me in the "no-sugar" lane.

Because I really don't want to tell you that I failed (which I'm happy to report so far so good).

I think most of us have either heard of and/or experienced the power of accountability.

It's where we let someone else into our life (oftentimes our hot mess) and give them permission to see the imperfect. To let them ask uncomfortable questions and even poke at the sore spots if they need to.

Accountability helps us stay focused on our goal.

It reminds us of our motivations for change.

It's a helpful tool when temptation tells us to quit and give in.

If I've not said it enough over the past week:  it's not ideal to go at things alone.

Accountability is a powerful way to bring someone else in.

So although you're across a screen from me, I wanted to thank you for what I'm calling your "blogability." Writing these daily blog updates has held me accountable to not eating sugar for 45 days.

It's been worth it to be vulnerable. To let you watch me struggle with not eating sugar and share with you the insights I'm gaining along the way.

Just knowing you're out there following along helps me keep going.

It helps me stay strong and believe I can do this.

Case in point:  I didn't have one single m&m at the movie theater yesterday.

Now THAT my friends is victory.