Today I sat in an ice cream shop without any ice cream in my hands. When all I wanted was to grab a scone from the coffee shop to help me wake up this morning, I held back.

There's candy in my freezer tempting me each time I open it. I can't hardly walk into the gas station without wanting to buy everything in sight. And tonight, I could have really gone for a Jack and Coke.

Oh that still sounds good right now.

But despite the fact the temptation to eat (or drink) sugar has not dried up for me, one thing is clear:  I'm glad I went cold turkey and gave all of it up for 45 days.

I can't imagine if I would have tried to scale back or create rules for when I can and cannot have sugar as a way to eat less  of it - at least not at this point in the game.

I'm learning for this type of change to occur, I've got to be all in. Cold turkey. All or nothing.