I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with my Fitbit activity tracker.

I was excited about it at first, but after many weeks, which turned into months, I didn't hit my goal. My step count was dismal, no stars appeared next to my days. After awhile, it was easier to stop wearing the tracker than feel like a constant failure. Subsequently, I stopped walking as much, too.

Eventually, thanks to shoulder pain and tight pants, I had an "a ha" that I needed to move more. To do that, I knew Fitbit could help.

It tracks every step without me having to ask. It doesn't care if my steps are because I walked a mile or needed to use the potty - a step's a step so it counts. My favorite feature is the buzzing and confetti explosion on the phone app when I hit my goal.

The sparkly celebration motivates me to keep going even if I miss a day.

When it comes to God, our heart-level vulnerability often works a lot like Fitbit.

We open up and go deep with God in a season of personal growth. We sometimes even set goals and start new relationships or projects. But then, things get hard. Vulnerability gets difficult and threatening. We slink back and shut down, closing the doors of our hearts to avoid the pain. It may start with people, but often it leads to God himself. We keep him out.

Pain, discomfort and discontentment can lead us to our "a ha" moment. We will need to surrender again and open up.

It's not easy but as we do this, we can trust the process will work for our good. As we let go of control and let our minds think about and talk to Him, we will feel our hearts begin to open up again. As we venture into vulnerability with God, we can trust confetti moments will soon be on their way.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him... Psalm 37:7


Is your heart open to God right now or is there something causing you to avoid Him? Are you willing to go deeper and trust He won't lead you astray?