“I’m good.”

It only took a second to say, but as soon as the words rolled off my tongue, conviction hit my heart. I quickly shifted around in the Panera booth to get more comfortable, gripped my coffee cup and corrected myself.

“No- you know what? I’m great.”

My friends looked back at me, their smiles genuine and eyes curious to know more. What was leading to my 5 out of 5-star life update? What happened!?

I smiled and began to share.

Although fear often told me to stay quiet and not offend by sharing my good news (what if they aren’t doing great!?), I felt challenged to open up – I’d received a lot of blessings that week.

Temptation wanted me to focus on the pain I’ve endured and the negative, but God had keenly reminded me of how far I’d come and His promises of hope and future.

Enemy lies whispering I don’t deserve to be great (especially when others are suffering) were coming on strong – but I was fighting back by remembering my personal healing. My recovery. My freedom.

That spoke even louder. And it hit me:

I wasn’t just good — I was great!

Sometimes we face days of struggle… we’re in deserts and lions pits, waiting rooms and traffic. In these places it is often dark – it’s hard to find anything good, anything bright.

But God is faithful and He promises to lead us out of these places in His way and in His timing. And when He does – we must share it!

Our story gives hope to a hurting and broken world. It shows that things don’t just go from bad to good – when we’re in His hands, we can actually go from good to great.


Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. Psalm 145:3 (NIV).


How am I doing? Am I struggling? Am I good? Or could I be great? Who can I share this with?