For Mae. Happy 5th adoption day.

Love to Me

danielle-mae-love-to-me-songPaint's chipping off your wall
Dirty laundry pile's getting tall
Your drawers are a mess
Toys need put on the shelf
I'm trying so hard to not do it myself
But all that - it's not love to me

Mis-matched PJs when you sleep
Year-round Christmas music on repeat
I forget to comb your hair
So much is sticky and needs wiped down
Your books could stand to be rebound
Good thing that's not love to me

Baby I wish I was perfect
And not failed a time or two
My to-do list can't seem to catch a break
But when that nightlight flickers on
And you sleep to this sweet love song
Now that is love to me

Giving you a forever home
My old bed you now call your own
Teaching you to read the words on this page
Hearing you pray at night
You knowing I'll forever hold you tight
Now baby, that's love to me

Being your mama
Promising to forever take care of you
Now that is love to me
Your my gorgeous girl
A daily dose of joy in my world
Little love, you are love to me