"If you can get a devotional published in The Upper Room, that's an amazing accomplishment as a devotional writer."

It was a quick comment - maybe even a nonchalant comment. But when these words rolled off Susan King's tongue at the Heart of American Christian Writer's Network Conference in 2016, I had a big goal ahead of me. I wanted to get published in the daily devotional magazine she had traveled to Kansas City to tell us about:  The Upper Room.

I didn't expect that the first devotional I would send them about experiencing anxiety and fear over my yearly colonoscopy would be selected for a print issue. I was shocked, surprised and completely overjoyed.


This process didn't only teach me about faith and running after a big goal, but it gave me a glimpse into the publishing process (I wrote today's devotional over a year ago!). And more than anything, it's given me "new hope" in more than one way.

As I've mentioned before, as a little girl I felt called to be a missionary and when I was diagnosed with colon cancer as a teenager, I wasn't sure how to reconcile those two things. But today as I wake up to messages from people all over the globe (The Upper Room is 81 years old, in 100 countries and translated into 33 languages!) I see and feel God smiling down on me, telling me to trust Him and His plans.

While my body may not be able to trot around the globe like I once hoped, my words can.

Enjoy today's blogs by yours truly. Praise God for this amazing opportunity!

Devotional for Aug. 8, 2018:  New Hope

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