The highlight of my week is that after 3 years of trying... our garden grew green beans! I'm not just talking about a handful - I had pounds of them. They filled the whole skillet!

I'm not sure if it's because we moved the location of their planting, or if the chicken poop fertilizer did the trick, but V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. We did it.

The garden success was the highlight of my week, but my husband would probably say me and our roomie Doc joining the Fantasy Football league was his.


I first played in college and then took a break. After a long absence, I'm returning to this game he and the boys love. Although I don't keep up with football, I'm willing to give this a shot. His persistence for me to rejoin worked. And to be honest, it felt really good to be wanted and invited in.

Hopefully the boys don't change their minds this season when our all-girls team gives them a run for their money.

Speaking of girls, I caved the other day and after her multiple requests, I let Mae play with my high heels.

She didn't take my first "no" as an answer and asked again if she could clomp around in them. It's amazing how these simple shoes bring out her longing to feel beautiful. It's like the world melts away and she sees herself the way God sees her when she puts on the heels.

As beautiful and royal.

On that note, this week I'm keenly aware of how when we discover our true identity in Christ, as beautiful and royal, it comes under attack. At least that's my story this week.

The enemy doesn't like that I've begun to see myself as a member of the spiritual priesthood. He loathes that I believe I am wanted, I matter and I belong.

He hates it so much, he set some pretty tricky traps that made me feel like I'm spinning around in circles all week - just steps away from falling into a dark hole again (with a load of chicken poop on top).

But fortunately, God is faithful. He reminded me today the enemy loses every time. As a believer, I'm told to stand firm and remember God never gives up on me. My belief in that truth is what has and will transform the spinning circles and dark holes into something good. Something beautiful.

Just like my green beans. But even better.