I prefer a clean house. I like to see our stuff organized. Stacked containers with coordinated lids is a small paradise. Books neatly lined up on a shelf feels like a treat.

Sometimes life affords me the time and energy to clean, sort and organize. My house glows, and subsequently, I do too. I love the peace.

But often as the week wears on, our space gets messy. I lose the energy to keep up with the straightening. Piles begin to appear little by little. Stuff is everywhere.

At first, I notice the mess and it bothers me. It's an eye sore and my anxiety rises. But then, something begins to happen. The longer the piles sit there, and the longer I don't address them, they eventually go away - or so it seems. It's like they don't exist. When I survey the room, my eye skips over them as if they're a fixture. It's not until I slow down and pause, or realize it's time to clean the house again, that I discern the clutter.

Spiritually, our hearts often work like the piles that stack up in our homes. We "clean house" after an encounter with God. He reveals the messes in our lives, we surrender and obey. We set out to change a lifestyle, behavior or discipline. We resolve to pray, read our Bibles and worship with more frequency and fervor. But soon, tiredness and forgetfulness set in. Relational dysfunction stirs back up. We get distracted by life. It becomes easier to avoid the issues we've worked through and neglect the new rhythms and disciplines we've put into place. Eventually, piles begin to form again but we don't see them.

But God is faithful and when we pause and rest, He gently knocks on our hearts. In kindness, he points out our piles and shows us the messes we've been too blind to see. He is there to help us de-clutter. It's on us to determine if we're willing to pick up and ask for a clean heart again.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people. Ephesians 1:18


Do you need to "clean house" on your heart? We've all got piles sitting around, the question is are you letting God show you them, and are you willing to pick them up?