So, I wrote about planning my own funeral. It's a goal for 2019. Not dying necessarily (nor do I have any reason to expect it's coming soon).

But, when you're in the cancer world, death is an inevitable subject that comes up a lot.

As I've processed the passing of many friends, it's also made me ponder my own death one day. When, where and how it will happen, I don't know.

But I do know I've got a few preferences for how the funeral service itself goes down. And that's precisely what inspired me to write this guest post. Check it out:

I'm 35 and healthy. My New Year's Resolution? Plan my funeral.

About the Philly Inquirer

This is my first article for the Philly Inquirer. I'm following in big footsteps too, several other friends have written for them. (RIP Dr. Tom).

Thanks to a group called Inspire that hosts online support communities for patients of all diseases, their partnership with the Philly opened the door to write a Health article. (This is also the group behind my Mayo Clinic post a few months ago).

I'm forever grateful, especially to John Novak at Inspire, who continually shares opportunities that allow me to add my voice to the conversation and my story to the mix.