Ready to tell your story?

You probably know that stories evoke emotion and showcase impact. Stories change the world and stick with people. I tell my own story through blogs, books and articles. As a communications pro, I help my clients tell theirs.

I specialize in helping organizations explain: 

  • What they do.
  • Who they help.
  • How they make a difference.

Benefits of working with me

  • Outsider's perspective on your organization. 
  • Communications strategy leads the way.
  • I happen to LOVE public relations (PR).
  • Equal amounts of project management and creative thinking.
  • Coaching and mentoring. 
  • Flat fee for each project (stay in budget).
  • Full ownership rights to the content. 
  • Positivity and hope - it goes a long way!

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What can I help you with? 

Want to explore working together?

    1. Contact me.
    2. We'll chat about your need.
    3. A good fit? I'll send a quote with a flat-fee for the project.
    4. Once we agree to the scope, I'll dive in.

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