SEO Copywriter

One of my specialties is SEO Content Writing. What is an SEO copywriter? Keep reading - I'll explain.

I'll also share recommendations for working with either a professional or a web agency that specializes in SEO. 

But first, an analagy to demonstrate this new (and fascinating) field! 

SEO and painting

Content writing works a lot like painting.

When it's time to paint, you need to make many choices - one of them being indoor versus outdoor paint. 

When it comes to writing copy, an important detail is if you're writing for print publications or the web. 

While sometimes, paint is paint - and copy is copy, knowing where the content is going before the project begins is ideal.

It's also ideal to work with someone who understands SEO content writing if your content will primarily be used online. 

What is SEO Content Writing?

“SEO” stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s a fancy word that’s basically after one thing: people can find you on Google.

In the world of search engines, there’s a way to write your website pages and blog posts so the “spiders” Google uses to “crawl” your website know what your content is about.

How does SEO content writing differ from other types of writing?

When writing for the web, and hoping your site will appear in a Google search (also called getting “ranked” by search engines), there’s a way to create a page structure, format headings, and write content that’s unique to an online environment.

This is where buzzwords like “keywords,” “keyword phrases,” "meta data," and “heading tags” come in.

An SEO content writer should know how to format a page and work with content so the page is set up to succeed. If a copywriter doesn't know these terms, or understand how SEO works, your website results can suffer. (You're in luck - I teach a workshop on SEO content writing and can train!)


Content writing is a lot like painting - there's choices to make before you begin!

An example of traditional copywriting and SEO content writing

Here’s a short example of writing for a print publication versus SEO content writing.

Say you owned a pickle shop:

A brochure might include these basic things:

  • Your name, address, phone, URL and social media handles
  • A short intro about your business
  • Store hours
  • Menu – or a shortened menu to fit on the panel
  • Short snippet of history about your shop

In contrast, your website would include all of the above but additional pages and explanations, such as:

  • A history of pickles
  • Long history of your shop and its founders
  • How you pickle – what’s your approach
  • Where do you get the cucumbers to source your pickles?
  • Different types of pickles
    • Hamburger slices
    • Dill spears
    • Sweet and sour
    • Hot and spicy
    • Pickle slushies
    • Relish

By adding these types of pages to your website, you’re helping show Google you are ALL ABOUT PICKLES and you are an AUTHORITY on pickles!

(And, by doing this, Google will rank you higher should anyone go to the Internet and search “pickle shops.”)

Danielle Ripley-Burgess Memoir In Progress

If your canvas is the web, you'll need to write your content differently than you would a printed piece.

How to hire an SEO Content Writer

So, you’re sold on needing SEO content for your website and blog, but what’s next?

Here’s what I recommend:

If you’re building a new website

If you’re building a new website, content writing services may be included, or they may be listed as an add-on to your website bid.

Oftentimes, website companies will hire content writers to do the website writing.

If this is you, I recommend working with a website team who can prove their understanding and skills in deploying SEO strategies. Ask to see their results and case studies.

This isn't rude, and it's important to do your homework. Especially in the SEO industry.

Many companies build websites, but not all of them understand SEO and guide clients to invest in an SEO-friendly website. (Hint: flashy is pretty but it’s not always going to be found.)

You’ll also know they’re good at SEO if content writing is part of the initial discussion - it plays a huge role. 

If you're starting a new website project, here are your options: 

  1. Include content writing in your website bid so it's written for you
  2. Include editing in your bid – you provide the basic content and their SEO writer will review, edit and format it
  3. Provide all of the content yourself, with zero editing from your web agency (and save on content writing)

If you’re going with option #3, make sure whoever writing your content either understands SEO strategies, or hires someone who does. If you need help, please contact me. 

If you’re working on blogs or updating existing website content for SEO

There’s a lot of tools and resources out there to help you improve your SEO content on your existing website and old or new blog posts.

You can hire a professional to help you do keyword research and enhance your current content, or if you want to tackle it in-house, here’s a few sites I recommend.

These both provide excellent, step-by-step information that’s relatively simple to act upon:

I love SEO copywriting

If you can't tell by now, I LOVE learning about SEO content writing, training new writers, and helping clients get great content.

If I can be of help to you, please let me know!


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