Need a wordsmith?

I cherish both words and grammar, an interest I've learned not everyone shares. Here are the types of projects I most commonly work on as a writer/editor/proofreader*. 

  • Blog writing and editing
  • Magazine articles
  • Press releases
  • Website content
  • SEO content (on-page, titles, meta)
  • Brochures
  • Nonprofit email marketing (donor appeals and newsletters)
  • Bios
  • Social media campaigns

*I proof in AP style formatting only.

Content writing pricing

There can be a lot of fear and anxiety about hiring a writer or editor—what if you don't like the content? What if the writer goes above the word count? Here's how I approach this: 

  • Scope of work: Agree on details before any writing or editing begins.
  • Per-project fees: I do not bill hourly or by word count, it will be one flat fee.
  • Not a good fit: I'm not the voice of everyone. Depending on the agreement, we can build in an "exit" plan so we're not locked in should we make better friends than colleagues. 

Do I only write professional content?

As a writer/editor, I love to write! Follow my blog or check out my books. If you’re interested in sponsored content or you're a nonprofit requesting a guest blog, please contact me.

Do I edit books?

I am not a full-length manuscript editor (although I'd love to hear about your book!). I have worked with authors who need broad editing and content support, but I do not provide professional line editing, copy editing or proofreading of full-length manuscripts. If you're looking for this service, I can refer you to awesome resources.

Do I offer social media services?

I use social media every day and encourage my clients to use it as a tool to reach target audiences and goals. When creating content, I often write posts for various social media platforms. I build communications strategies with digital and social in mind.

However, I do not manage social media accounts on behalf of clients. If you’re looking for this type of help, I have an outstanding referral for you.