Dear friends,

Are you hanging in there? Virtual schooling going OK for my fellow parents? We made it through Week 1 here at our house and we're gearing up for Week 2 this morning. I had fun incorporating some new Writer's Workshop ideas into our day. Virtual learning came with several highs and lows, some tears, but also jumps for joy. I think there's going to be a lot of that over the next several weeks. It's teaching me how to find the pros in, what feels like, a sea of cons.

Speaking of pros and cons, I stumbled across a pro of this season the other day. Actually, God showed it to me. Instead of rushing to buy more shampoo in the midst of COVID-19, I chose to use the other bottle in the shower when I ran out. It's not my absolute favorite, but it's shampoo, and it met my need.

It was a profound moment.

I'm not sure if it's my enneagram 1w2 coming out, the American ideal of "be prepared," or the fact I still live in survival mode as a cancer survivor, but quarantine's revealed how much I really avoid going without. I try to keep a spare. I like to store up. I feel anxious if I'm running low.

The toilet paper shortage (not to mention the yeast shortage... any other bakers struggling to find any!?) prove I'm not alone. In general, I think most Americans don't like going without. We often purchase more than we need. We restock before our supply is gone. We stockpile and we hoard. We save as much as we can, and then we're applauded for it.

There's certainly wisdom in being prepared and having a plan and savings account. And there's no shame in buying bulk and investing wisely. But this attitude can be taken too far at times and block us from experiencing God as our provider. He's promised daily bread, but when our pantries are overflowing, it's harder to appreciate what that means.

God dropped manna from Heaven so His people could eat each day. He filled empty jars with oil when He knew lives depended on it. Jesus told us to not be anxious about what we eat or drink, for just as God cares for the lilies, He will also provide for our needs.

For example, upon hearing we had zero paper towels in the house, my neighbor generously dropped off a few rolls (and some extra TP too) on our porch.

Friends, I know the coronavirus poses challenging and scary times for us. This is very hard. Yet through this pain, there's also light. Let's not miss it. God is speaking and revealing His heart. As we survive this week, I pray we will appreciate the enough. And, I pray we will say "yes" if God asks us to help someone else. Sometimes another person's enough is going to come through us.

We can survive this,



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