New Hope (Get the link to my guest blog for The Upper Room!)

August 8, 2018 | Danielle | Writing | 0

“If you can get a devotional published in The Upper Room, that’s an amazing accomplishment as a devotional writer.” It was a quick comment – maybe even a nonchalant comment. But when these words rolled off Susan King’s tongue at the Heart of American Christian Writer’s Network Conference in 2016, I had a big goal…

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Following Orders | A Devotional

November 16, 2016 | Danielle | Cancer Survivorship, Devotionals | 0

The only thing missing was padding on each square foot of the white room. It didn’t matter that my seclusion was due to low white blood cell counts and my high risk for serious infection. It felt like I’d done something wrong. As I laid still in the hospital bed after yet another surgery, I…

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From Scanxiety to Hopeful | A Devotional

October 26, 2016 | Danielle | Cancer Survivorship, Devotionals | 2

The words were about to roll off the keyboard like drizzling butter over freshly popped popcorn when I stopped myself. No – the days of basking in scanxiety were over. Instead of writing about the trauma and pain of cancer, or the nervousness about my upcoming scans, I felt an invisible nudge to focus on…

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