This is 35

December 14, 2018 | Danielle | Cancer, Faith | 0

“How does it feel to turn 35 years old!?” friends asked me across a conference room table earlier this week. They’re new friends, people I’ve met over the past year through work. People who’ve not lived the past 18 years by my side as I’ve survived colon cancer (although people who would have undoubtedly rushed…

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Long Overdue Health Update

July 11, 2017 | Danielle | Cancer | 0

Sometimes I sit so comfortably in cancer survivorship that I forget to write health updates. I think that’s normal. Oftentimes when we’re sick, we’re diligent to update friends and family when we’re in the thick of treatment and surgery. People are praying. Cooks are cooking. Friends are offering to do everything from errands to laundry…

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16 Candles

January 23, 2017 | Danielle | Cancer | 2

If I could travel back in time and tell the 17-year-old standing in the back of the library one thing, the one who was just told she had colon cancer, it would be this: Look up. Breathe. Exhale. Seek. Repeat. If I could give her one heads up, I’d tell her to expect life to…

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