Why Survivor Stories Matter

October 2, 2018 | Danielle | Cancer Survivorship | 0

How meeting others who’d also survived cancer changed the way I viewed being labeled a cancer survivor and why I now embrace it as a patient. I am one of the one million colon cancer survivors in the U.S. and an advocate for survivor stories. But I’ve not always worn this badge so openly or…

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Getting Angry at God

June 9, 2017 | Danielle | Cancer Survivorship | 6

Today I’ve been “cancer free” for 8 years… again. On June 9, 2009 my second occurrence was found, breaking my 8-year “no evidence of disease” streak. Part of me wanted to sit in a puddle of worry today – what if the streak breaks again? Another part of me, a much smaller part, wanted to…

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