Up until today I'd never walked on a golf course (which is funny since today set quite a high bar for any future times I will walk on the green)!

I've been in Tucson the past two days with Fight Colorectal Cancer to help launch us into March - which is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Ever since I started this job 5 years ago, there's been several moments that feel larger than life. Today followed suit - being around players on the PGA Tour of Champions, watching the NASDAQ bell ceremony, seeing Packers fans follow Aaron Rodgers all over a golf course - what a day!

As I thought about what to say about all of this and give an update on my sugar fast (which - by the way I held strong despite the amazing dessert tables!) what stood out to me was this:  I am a champion.

I've been around a lot of people the past day who are considered champions - they are amazing at hitting a golf ball and throwing a football. I've been with a group of fellow colorectal cancer survivors and advocates who are also champions. I think we call people this not because they've won (although often - they have!) but because of the spirit they embody.  A spirit that doesn't give up. A heart that faces challenge and decides to fight.

And that's what I am doing too!

It's uncomfortable for me to write this, but I'm learning that unless I can celebrate the successes of my life and be proud and thankful for what God's doing in it - I'm not fully embracing the champion He's made me to be!

So today I leave the Tour of Champions as a champion! I'm a PR professional/social media guru who just got to cover an amazing event. A cancer survivor who is healthy and surviving today. A daughter of God who knows my worth. A writer who's putting words together to tell the story. And a sugar-free warrior who's resisted all temptation to feast on brownies and decadent parfaits the past few days. Now THAT is a victory!

Enjoy some pics!


Our president Anjee and I kick off our time in Tucson with a #StrongArmSelfie!


I got all fancy for the pairing party last night where golfers learned what pro they would get to play golf with (not what wines went with cheese which is what I thought it was).


Feel so fortunate to be in the presence of so many inspiring colorectal cancer survivors and advocates!


The Nasdaq bell ringing was remote from the golf course today & these guys at Exact Sciences helped make that magic happen.


I call this the "oscar of businesses." Also - if you happen to find yourself traveling with one, heads up - it will flag the TSA and they'll need to check your carry-on.


Our board member Steve (second from the right) got to play golf with golf pro Jerry Kelly and quarterback Aaron Rodgers today. It was pretty awesome to watch.


This woman is inspiring on so many levels - Teri Griege is a stage IV survivor, Ironman, Fight CRC board member AND heads up Powered by Hope!


Grateful for this group who helped bring the colorectal cancer survivor voice to the golf course this week! Awareness month here we go! There's a lot more to come!