It's National Adoption Month! To celebrate, I'll be posting stories and devotionals that carry the heart of adoption all month long. Having a spirit of adoption goes beyond the literal adopting of a child. Adoption is a mindset and attitude. Adoption means you open your heart to a new definition of family - one that goes beyond the traditions of blood line. In addition to child adoption, a spirit of adoption can also include things like joining families through marriage and blended families. Today's post was inspired by a recent trip where I visited my step-siblings and God provided blessing upon blessing through our blended family. Enjoy! 

He matched his daddy. Both in trendy camel pants, the 18-month old tottled around the yard going as fast as his little feet would allow. He’d stop to climb on the neighbor’s patio chair or attempt to pull a young plant from the yard. To distract him, his daddy called to him in English from across the yard.

Dance, dance!”

An acapella beat broke out and the little boy stopped to wiggle and move, a bright smile broke out on his face. But after only a few seconds, he stopped and looked around for his mommy.

“Mama!” “Mama,” he called.

And soon a calming voice speaking Spanish replied to him from across the way, “Mi Amor!

Again and again the call and response.

“Mama!” “Mi Amor.” “Mama!” “Mi Amor.”

He stopped once he received her embrace, but only for a few seconds. Soon, he was running through the yard again near his daddy.


Photos by Olsiny Brink

As children of light, we also speak two languages. We are born into creation - the world God made that our ancestors were tasked with filling. We’ve learned how our families, cities, churches and cultures work. We speak the language, or we try.

But when we’re born of God, we also must learn His ways, which are always wrapped in mystery, but always good. As we toddle our way through, we begin to comprehend his virtues like faith, peace, hope and love. We learn His ways and our belief gains His understanding.

Like a bilingual family, believers also speak two languages. We know our Father’s love for us, and then we can share it with the rest of the world.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 NIV


I know my first language well, but do I know a second - one I received when I first believed?