"I love the way Danielle incorporates everyday living, and experiences many of us share, into her messages. I gave one as a gift and kept one. I would recommend this Advent devotional to anyone looking for everday ways to live in His word." -5-star Amazon reviewer

LET GO THIS CHRISTMAS. Around the holidays, many of us become co-dependent on wish lists, party reminders, and color-coded calendars. We’re focused on arriving on time with yummy appetizers, trays of treats, and white elephant gifts in hand. Although our organization can be helpful, it can also stop us from embracing unplanned and unexpected surprises. Yet this is how the first advent began.

The birth of Christ didn’t come on a penciled-in date where everyone cleared their calendars. He wasn’t born into circumstances that were budgeted for, nor did He arrive at, what His parents considered, a convenient time in their lives.

This book of 25 brief, daily readings for advent will help us embrace what we cannot control and face the difficulties of the holidays with grace. It will help us reflect on the greatest story ever told and see how the unexpected, unplanned arrival of the newborn king changes everything.

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