You can survive this. 


Can I encourage you next week? Let's get through Monday mornings together.

Struggling to find faith?  

  • Don't feel like praying.
  • People at church don't understand. 
  • Doubt God hears you when you do pray. 
  • Unsure of what to even believe anymore.
  • Convinced you have nothing to give.

I write to encourage you to not give up on faith - can I email you next Monday?

Need marketing communications support?

(Otherwise known as professional storytelling.)

  • People don't know you exist - or what you do.
  • Marketing communications team needs more manpower. 
  • Website could use some SEO writing love. 
  • What's a communications plan
  • The team needs training ASAP.
  • How do we show the impact of each donation?
  • How do we get more support?

As a storyteller, I work mostly with nonprofits and agencies who don't have enough in-house marketing communications staff. Together, we create and implement strategic, creative campaigns so important causes and projects get the support they deserve.