Christmas is for everyone

The lights went dim as small feet tapped up the stage stairs so girls dressed in white dresses and homemade gold halos, and boys holding plastic swords, could take their places. The thump of a bass drum moving out of the way set the tone. Each kid crammed in one by one and found his and her place. They set the stage to remind us…

Christmas is for everyone.

The play began as a female narrator opened up the story. An older teenage boy then spoke as the voice of God. Boys and girls took turns delivering lines, making beaming parents and grandparents in the audience swell with pride. Some of the boys looked like angels. A few of the girls resembled warriors. As they stood on the stage, a unified cast, they told the story of Jesus – an unexpected baby born in a manger who brought peace to the world. They showed us…

Christmas is for everyone.

After a great setup where those of us in the audience chuckled and laughed – a story of an “unexpected” Christmas unfolded. It pondered what Heaven was like when God decided how to send Jesus to earth. Toward the end of the skit, even smaller pitter-patters hit the wooden stage stairs as the pre-K class arrived. Most came dressed like animals with homemade felt ears hanging down their faces, a few others dressed as wise men in colorful red and green robes. Playing characters from the famous manger scene, the littlest found their places on the stage to reinforce for us…

Christmas is for everyone.

In the middle of the makeshift barnyard full of wiggles, giggles and crafted angel wings, two 8-year-old kids draped in tan fabrics sat center stage and took our breath away. At least, for those of us who knew them.

To the rest of the audience, they were two kids who’d volunteered to play Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus.

But to those kids’ parents, they were messengers revealing God’s heart for all of mankind. A biracial Mary and a Chinese Joseph, both adopted, emphasized for all of us who knew their stories, and all who would eventually learn them…

Christmas is indeed for everyone.

For the old and the young, the boys and the girls, the people of every tribe, nation and tongue – Christmas means Jesus has come to bring hope to all of this world.




  1. I’m trying to read this out loud to Jack but can’t breathe or see the words. My heart is so encouraged by your powerfully inspired words. Thank you for speaking truth and revealing what is most important in this life – Jesus, grace, inclusion, humility, so much love. Keep writing and sharing. We will keep reading and crying and praying with you. Love from the Wileys!

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