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Need an author/speaker to present to your group? I've spoken to rooms full of patients/survivors, medical professionals, teen girls and others looking for hope and encouragement from somebody who "gets it" when it comes to suffering.

I can create a unique talk for you, or see below (click on the title to expand the description) for popular topics I'm asked to address. 

Facing trials of many kinds.

It's the first question most of us ask when hit with pain and suffering. Why me? How can God still be good? A crisis of faith is not uncommon amongst those facing really hard things. In this talk, I share my personal story about facing hard things and offer several truths to help those considering doubt keep the faith. 

When someone you love is suffering.

What do you say? What do you do? Is food helpful? Babysitting? Lawn mowing? How much is too much? Social support systems are critical for those facing hard things, but how do we support one another when we can't talk about what we need? In this talk, I offer a survivor perspective that's often hard to put to words and encourage all caregivers, friends and family with ways to support those who are suffering. 

What to pray (When you’re just not feeling it).

When you're struggling, it's hard to find any words, much less prayers. Doubt likes to scream at us that our prayers don't matter anyway. In this talk, we look at the history of prayer, discover what it really is, and tap into new ways to connect with God even if we're not feeling it. 

From the cancer ward to Capitol Hill

My personal story of surviving colorectal cancer at age 17 and my journey into advocacy, and the importance of survivor stores.

Communications Workshops

Need a hands-on, interactive workshop focused on writing, storytelling and other communications topics? You've come to the right place! See below for my most popular topics (click to expand the description).

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How to share your story (popular)

This two-part, hands-on workshop covers the importance of storytelling, the building blocks of a great story, tips for making a story memorable and practical suggestions for writing a blog, public speaking and doing a video interview.

*Initially created for a Christian audience, this can be tailored as a faith-based workshop that includes scripture, biblical references and homework encouraging attendees to spend time with the Lord before they share their testimonies.

SEOO7 (a course for SEO content writers) (popular)

SEO content writers are like the secret, undercover agents of search engine optimization. In this workshop, we learn how to use the right weapons for online content writing and identify opportunities lurking in the dark. Let’s use our Intelligence to make sure your website or blog gets in on the action!

10 Ways to Become a Writing Hero

Content is king (or queen!), but good writers are the true heroes. During this session, we cover 10 easy tips for improving your writing skills. You'll walk out armed and ready to save the day... or at least your website, blog, social posts, emails, brochures, and more!

31 Ways to Answer to “Did it Work?”

Did it work? What’s the impact? Every team asks these questions once a campaign launches, but not all teams know how to answer them. In this workshop, I offer 31 ideas for determining if a campaign worked (or not), and the tools you’ll need to track progress and success.

Pick Your Paint: Writing for the Web

You wouldn’t paint your kitchen with outdoor, deck stain. So you shouldn’t write your online content like you would traditional, printed projects. In this workshop, we cover the nuances and opportunities in writing blogs, websites and social media posts.

Currently, all workshops are offered upon request. Workshops can be hosted for nonprofits, agencies, conferences, and other organizations that provide training. If you're interested in hosting a workshop, please contact me.

*I offer "Share Your Story" to Christian ministries for no workshop fee.