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I’ll tell you about surviving colorectal cancer as a teenager. Parenting an adopted, biracial child. Marrying my high school sweetheart. Finding faith in the midst of life challenges. Building a career in communications (and more!) As I share my stories, I hope you’ll comment and share your own.

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Unexpected: 25 Daily Advent Devotionals

Released in November 2018 just in time for advent, Unexpected: 25 Daily Advent Devotionals is Danielle Ripley-Burgess’ first book. Learn more.

Unexpected contains 25 short, daily readings that take you through the Christmas story. Its main themes include the unexpected magic of the mundane, blessing of interruptions, power of adoration and promises of God.

Unexpected: 25 Daily Advent Devotionals is available via Amazon or locally in Kansas City at the Living Stone in downtown Lee’s Summit.

Freelance content writer

Seeing a bride. Devouring the most delicious, decadent dessert. Taking in the emotion of a perfectly-planned surprise. These are times where feeling a loss for words is good.

Other times, the struggle to find the right words is not so good:

  • Sharing the impact of your nonprofit organization with donors who support it.
  • Showcasing your event via social media in real-time.
  • Explaining to customers why they should choose you over your competitor.
  • Writing your website.
  • Producing a video or PSA.
  • Pitching your organization to the media.

Sometimes you can’t afford a loss for words. There’s too much on the line.

As a professional storyteller, I specialize in content writing. I work with organizations of all sizes and can help you find your words. From traditional content writing projects to writing for SEO, if you need an extra “wordsmith” around, I’d love to explore how I can help.

Award-winning communications pro

After serving in many marketing and communications roles for over a decade, I can also uniquely jump in and help any team. As a strategist, I’ve created communication plans, campaigns and timelines for my clients. As a project manager, I’ve stepped in to organize and audit workflows, and build new processes and procedures. If you need an extra strategic thinker or communications planner around, I may be able to help!

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