Blogging for 936 Pennies!

I’m going to give myself some grace and blame this delayed announcement on the Christmas craze…

… and use it as an excuse to push you to follow my Facebook Page for real-time updates like these! But: big news!

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There’s black people at the suburban restaurant

As we followed the hostess through the restaurant, I was so distracted, I forgot to look for the big tank with the live lobsters.

Even at 34 years old, I’m still not sure if people have told me the truth all these years – the lobsters in the tank at Red Lobster are just one Ultimate Feast away from becoming someone’s next meal.

I’ve always felt an urge to go find them and bode a final “goodbye” in case the rumors are true.

But I was so focused on finding our patiently-waiting family members, I didn’t even think to look for them.


A battle with my 7-year-old over if ankle-length yoga pants and a short-sleeved shirt are warm enough for the 20-degree day ran us fashionably late.

Fortunately, our family didn’t seem to mind and all nine of them gave big smiles and waves when they saw us arrive.

They especially lit up when they saw my daughter Mae – they all adore her.

We sat at the end of the table where we could see our family and many of the other guests in the restaurant.

I’d had plans to get up and go find the lobster tank, but was soon distracted once again.

There’s a lot of black people in here.

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How and why I got out of the rut and started exercising again

It’s hard to even make you think I’m a good exerciser.

Because I’m not.

I start and stop a lot; especially over the past year or two.

But I’m trying… again.

And here’s why:

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5 Reasons I’m Kinda Sorta Beating Stress and Enjoying the Holidays 

I have a confession to make:

It’s the second week of December and the outside Christmas lights are not on our house yet…

… and I am OK with it.

Here’s why:

I’m generally feeling lower stress this holiday season.


A few ways actually.

I’m a list maker so I came up with 5 reasons I’m enjoying the holidays so far and not letting stress take over.

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