Blogability – Day 7

I realized something as I sat on the rowing machine yesterday talking to my friend Kaitlyn about these daily blogs:

You all are helping keep me accountable.

Yes, it’s true. We may not even know one another personally, but just imagining your eyes hitting these posts is enough to keep me in the “no-sugar” lane.

Because I really don’t want to tell you that I failed (which I’m happy to report so far so good).

I think most of us have either heard of and/or experienced the power of accountability.

It’s where we let someone else into our life (oftentimes our hot mess) and give them permission to see the imperfect. To let them ask uncomfortable questions and even poke at the sore spots if they need to.

Accountability helps us stay focused on our goal.

It reminds us of our motivations for change.

It’s a helpful tool when temptation tells us to quit and give in.

If I’ve not said it enough over the past week:  it’s not ideal to go at things alone.

Accountability is a powerful way to bring someone else in.

So although you’re across a screen from me, I wanted to thank you for what I’m calling your “blogability.” Writing these daily blog updates has held me accountable to not eating sugar for 45 days.

It’s been worth it to be vulnerable. To let you watch me struggle with not eating sugar and share with you the insights I’m gaining along the way.

Just knowing you’re out there following along helps me keep going.

It helps me stay strong and believe I can do this.

Case in point:  I didn’t have one single m&m at the movie theater yesterday.

Now THAT my friends is victory.

The Chocolate Box – Day 6

Yesterday was hard, and for no particular reason.

But out of all 5 days of eating no sugar (and of course after I called the sugar fast “fun”), I really, really wanted to cheat.

There’s a small square box of chocolates sitting on our kitchen counter. I bought it before the sugar fast began, and I know there’s two more pieces sitting in there.

Last night after dinner it took all of my strength not to eat one.

You’d think I would throw the box away so it wouldn’t even be a temptation, but I can’t bring myself to do that. Honestly, I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s I don’t want to be wasteful.

Maybe I’m saving it in case someone comes over and wants a treat.

Or maybe I literally need to set the hope in front of me, reminding me this sugar depravity isn’t forever.

One day I’ll be freely eating after-dinner chocolate again.

Celebrate Good Times – Day 5

Today’s update – so far so good. I’m holding strong and sticking to my sugar fast.

I’ve been surprised with myself because not only have I skipped over all candy, chocolate and cakes but I’ve not had any honey or pure maple syrup either – things I consider natural sweeteners.

I am eating a lot of whole fruits in case you’re wondering – it’s helping me keep going.

But my mind is missing sugar more than my body.

Sugar – The Great Gatherer

I began to reflect yesterday on why I love sugar so much. Of course part of it’s the taste – I can’t deny I’ve got a sweet tooth. Plain and simple – I love sugary stuff.

But I’m really doing OK not eating it… I mean I miss it but I am living fine without it.

It got me thinking – maybe my love of sugar is deeper than my palate. Maybe I love sugar because of what it often means to me.

I realized sugar is often used to bring us together and create moments to enjoy.

I bake a batch of cookies and my household congregates to the kitchen.

We celebrate a birthday and everyone circles around a beautiful iced cake.

Cheers with margaritas bring out the smiles and end the day on a high note.

Cinnamon rolls gather us around the table where we talk and laugh with one another.

Freedom With Sugar

I’m glad I’m doing this sugar fast because it’s helping me be very mindful about how much of it I eat.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about how to adequately moderate it once it’s incorporated back into my diet. (I can’t not return to baking!)

But I’m also uncovering why I have such a deep love and appreciation for it – I cherish the moments sugary foods have helped create; they are some of the most meaningful in my life.

And while that doesn’t mean I’m going to end my sugar fast today, it does mean today I’m pausing to be grateful.

To experience the freedom that says sugar isn’t all bad but on the contrary, it brings a lot of good – a lot of wonderful, sweet people and experiences into my life.


Together – Day 4

I received two texts yesterday from two different friends wanting to join me in the sugar fast. If you too are eliminating sugar from your diets for the next month – let me know!

And welcome!

I didn’t just love hearing from friends, but I loved how one of them put it,

“I know I’ll do better with a tiny bit of accountability.”

Preach, sister.

I’m fortunate to report my no-sugar streak is holding firm. And, I believe it’s been less of a burden since I’m not doing it alone.

Mike and our roommate Nicole have also given up our late night ice cream splurges (shh don’t tell Mae.) My workout buddies are leading the 45 Day Challenge. And like I mentioned on Day 1, doing this during Lent connects me to a global community that’s also giving things up right now.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually having *fun* so far. (I think blogging about it helps.)

It doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle last night when I wanted to order the honey chicken and sugar-coated donuts for our Chinese New Year celebration.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t put my hands on my forehead from the struggle of not eating a piece of chocolate after dinner.

But it does mean I made it through, much in part to the people cheering me on – whether they’re participating in the sugar fast or not.

Funny how longstanding life lessons come back around time after time: It’s not good to be alone.


I Need Your Help!

In the spirit of togetherness – can you help me? I’m running low on healthy sugar-free snack ideas. Have any good ones? Leave a reply below!!

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