Need a freelance PR pro?

Public relations is a broad term for getting your story into the world, and as a freelance pr pro, I love helping my clients do just that. I'm experienced in public relations, having worked in the field since 2006. I've worked in an agency, on staff for nonprofits, and now I'm a freelance pr consultant. I specialize in helping nonprofits refine their messages and get their powerful, impactful stories out into the world.

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"Danielle is an inspiration to us all and a diligent, passionate, team-spirited partner. On top of all that, she became a friend. Her leadership through the rebranding process was remarkable. She calmly took us through one of the most significant and difficult organizational adjustments in Mission history." 

- Joe, former Executive Director of Shelter KC (retired)

Public relations doesn’t always equal media relations (although that’s a big part of it!) Nonprofit public relations also involves communicating to donors, people you help, volunteers, employees, board members, and other audiences. The key to nonprofit pr is sharing your impact and garnering continued support for your organization. 

A smart freelance PR pro will always start with the audience. Who are you talking to, what should you say, and what is the call to action? 

How I Help

As a public relations professional, I help my clients in these ways: 

  • Develop integrated marketing communications plans
  • Identify target audiences
  • Research and recommend digital marketing strategy
  • Media relations (my strongest relationships are with healthcare/cancer media and faith-based media)
  • Provide project management 
  • Write and distribute press releases and pitches
  • Develop fact sheets, talking points and media kits
  • Strategize social media campaigns
  • Event design and management
  • Create editorial calendars
  • Talk through CRM systems and opps processes to help tech and comms teams talk
  • Write campaign comms plans and project plans
  • Recommend partners for branding, design, video and social strategy
  • Audit websites, recommend SEO strategies and train writers on SEO content writing
  • Strategize effective and impactful evaluation methods