When I was six years old, I got my ears pierced for the first time. I remember the moment well—while sitting in the tall chair, feet dangling below, I felt both excitement as I picked out new studs and anxiety because of the ear gun.

My momentary fear was worth it because after a painless second, I had bona-fide earrings. None of those fake stickers anymore. When the department store clerk held up a mirror so I could see myself, I felt so cool.

From that day until college, I wore earrings almost all the time. They were typically simple and small. Nothing glamorous. But one day, things began to change.

A classmate named Amber who lived in my college dorm wore fun prints and big earrings. We became fast friends. As our friendship grew, we rubbed off on one another. We began to like the same things and laugh at the same jokes. Eventually, her love of large jewelry rubbed off on me.

Let’s just say 15 years later, I’m a changed woman. I rarely wear studs, and it's big earrings for me.


Power of influence

I can’t recall a time Amber and I talked about big earrings, or earrings in general, but her courage to wear them influenced me. I didn't only appreciate the beauty of her look, but her confidence to wear them rubbed off on me. It was contagious. Her strength came out through her fun and sophisticated style. I wanted what she had, and over time, I transformed.

While it may be a silly example, this is how influence works—from earrings to attitude to spiritual things. When we're passionate about something, others take notice, and they tend to follow what we're doing. Spiritually speaking, if you're strong in your walk, share your strength with others. Be bold, be gracious and share what propels you. And if you're feeling weak and looking for a stronger body, soul and mind, surround yourself with good influences and people who can encourage you. 

Prayer: God, influence is powerful. Help me be a good influence to others around me. Put me in the path of good influences in my life, people who will drive me to know you better and love others well. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise. Proverbs 13:20a

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