Meet Author Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage – The Waiting Room

June 27, 2019 | Danielle | Meet the Author | 0

I recently connected with Elizabeth and found out we have a lot in common – particularly our shared passions to encourage those who are suffering and tell stories. I recently checked out her new book, The Waiting Room, and thought you all would enjoy it too! Here’s a behind-the-scenes on why she wrote it! For […]

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Meet author Kristina Smith – Widowed at age 25

March 16, 2019 | Danielle | Meet the Author | 0

I met Kristina a few years ago at a meeting for people 7 Billion Ones featured, she quickly told me she was widowed at age 25 after her husband’s stage 4 colorectal cancer diagnosis. Our paths soon wove together as she became a Fight CRC advocate. She recently released a book that gives an honest […]

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Meet author Molly McMaster Morgoslepov

March 11, 2019 | Danielle | Colon Cancer, Meet the Author | 0

Over 10 years ago, I “bared my scar” to tell my story of surviving colon cancer for the 2009 Colondar, a calendar raising awareness of colorectal cancer under age 50. I’ll never forget the day I first learned about the project by The Colon Club. I realized I wasn’t alone – there were other young survivors like me. I […]

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