SEO Content Writing Services

I’m an experienced freelance writer with a niche in SEO content writing services. I've worked as a freelance SEO copywriter for 10+ years, and I've trained dozens of SEO writers. I'm based in the United States, and SEO content writing is a passion of mine.

I’m a good fit for your team if you’re a nonprofit organization looking for someone to help optimize your website pages, or if you're needing someone to train your team members on how to write for SEO. I've trained employees working for for-profit businesses as well as new hires joining digital marketing agencies.

I offer a popular SEO Content Writing workshop that's boosted the SEO confidence and competence of many writers.

See below for answers to commonly asked questions for my SEO content writing services.

What is SEO Content Writing?

“SEO” stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s a fancy word that’s basically after one thing: people can find your content on Google.

SEO content writing is the art of putting the content on your website into a format that sets it up for success. Good, strong writing is only part of the equation when you’re writing for the web. In addition to wordsmithing, you need to understand how things like titles, headings, links and meta descriptions work. 

How does SEO content writing differ from standard writing?

My workshop SE007 unpacks all of the nuances and differences between SEO content writing and standard writing, but basically there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Web audiences are 7th grade level or lower (think journalism)
  • A paragraph on the web is 1-2 sentences
  • Titles and page descriptions matter
  • Page length also matters: The more words the better (as long as it’s copy that is clear, articulate and highlights your expertise).

What’s the big deal if my copywriter offers SEO content writing services?

Your website may be well written, but if the person putting copy into your website doesn’t understand SEO, it may not be found via Google. If this is your goal (it’s called “organic search"), then you’ll want to employ the expertise of someone who understands SEO tips and tricks.

It’s easy to train a writer on SEO tips, much easier than training someone on how to write well. That’s why SEO writers workshops are a good option if you have good writers already writing for you. 

Give me an example of traditional copy and SEO copy.

Here’s a short example of how writing for something like a brochure is different from writing for the internet. 

Example: Say you ran a nonprofit helping homeless neighbors in your community. 

A printed brochure might include these basic things:

  • Your name, address, phone, URL and social media handles

  • A short intro about your nonprofit

  • Hours
 the public can come in
  • Programs and services 
  • Short snippet with history about your organization

Now that sounds like a great brochure! But... say you also need a website.

You could put the content from the brochure on your website - that's a great start. But, you need more if you want Google's attention. The more content you put on your site about your homeless shelter, the more content Google can sift through to discover YOU are in the city to help your homeless neighbors. 

If people search for homeless shelters, YOU should come up!

When brainstorming web content, it would be worth considering adding this kind of information:  

  • How you serve homeless neighbors – what’s your approach?

  • A history of your facility: where are you and how did you get the location? 
  • How can homeless neighbors get help?
 What services do you offer?
  • Do you serve men, women and children? 
  • Your needs and how people can donate items and money.
  • Leadership: who is leading your organization?
  • Volunteer opportunities for people who want to get involved.
  • Stories of impact: lives you've helped changed.

By adding website pages or blog posts with this type of content on your website, you’re helping people who use Google find information about your organization. Google exists to help people quickly find answers to their questions. Make sure your your website makes it easy for people to find you with SEO copywriting.

How and when do I hire an SEO writer?

So, you’re sold on needing SEO content for your website and blog, but what’s next? How do you find a good SEO writer? 

New Websites

If you’re building a new website, content writing services may be included in your bid. (Or listed as an add-on service). Oftentimes, website companies will hire content writers to write client websites. 

If this is you, I recommend working with a website team who can prove their understanding and skills in deploying SEO strategies. Ask to see their results and case studies. This isn't rude, and it's important to do your homework. Especially in the SEO industry.

Many companies build websites, but not all of them understand SEO and guide clients to invest in an SEO-friendly website. (Hint: flashy is pretty but it’s not always going to be found.)

If you're starting a new website project, here are your options: 

  • Include content writing in your website bid so it's written for you.
  • Include editing in your bid – you provide the basic content and their SEO writer will review, edit and format it.
  • Provide all the content yourself, with zero editing from your web agency (and save on content writing). If you’re going with this option, make sure your writer understands SEO strategies, or hire someone who does.

SEO content writing for blogs or existing websites

There’s a lot of tools and resources out there to help you improve the content on your existing website and update old or new blog posts. This is called "optimizing."

You can hire a professional (like me) to help you do things like audit your website, perform keyword research and develop a strategy, and enhance your current website content.

Or, if you want to tackle it in-house and on your own, you can do that too. Here’s a few sites I recommend to get started. I regularly use all of these websites to keep my SEO content writing services sharp, and they all provide excellent, step-by-step information that’s relatively simple to act upon:

Backlinko blog


Yoast Academy 

“I've spent hours on LinkedIn looking around listening to the free classes I can get within a 24 hour period, but the two hours with you was the best invested time I've had learning SEO.”

-Theresa, SEOO7 writers workshop participant