As back-to-school season has arrived and I'm seeing many upperclassmen face really different junior and senior years thanks to COVID-19, I can't help but remember what having cancer in high school was like. I too wasn't able to go, and even when I did, it was really different. That's what inspired me to write my latest column in Cure Magazine. Enjoy!

Missing Out on The High School Experience is Painful, But It's Also Survivable

I can't help but draw uncanny parallels between what the class of 2020 and 2021 is going through and what I faced approximately 20 years ago when I was in high school. In the second semester of my junior year, I abruptly could no longer go to school. A global pandemic wasn't the cause of my extended absence, but rather a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis.

Although I was the only one at the time who couldn't be at school anymore (my classmates were still there), I imagine my feelings of loss are similar to what the recent graduates and newly-minted seniors are feeling. Having your whole world torn away without any notice is hard for anyone, especially teens. The uncertainty of if, and when, you'll get your life back is unsettling.


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