Guys - I'm going to Guatemala! I am super excited, I leave in just a couple of weeks! Here's a quick summary of all the things:

Where I'm headed

I'm headed to an orphanage outside of Guatemala City called Casa Bernabe. My friend Sara lives there with her family; she and her husband Edgar are the directors.

When I'm going

I'm headed out mid-June and will be gone for a full week! (Don't worry, Mae will be in the glorious land called "grandparents' houses.")

Who I'm going with

My mentee, Ashlyn! When she was 5 years old, her mom (my friend) introduced me to her and told me she wanted to be a missionary. I instantly felt connected to her because I felt the same way as a child (and still do!).

Ashlyn & I started hanging out when she turned 10 and let's just say we're cut from the same cloth. We're alike in many ways, which prompted me to plan this trip.


Why I'm going to Guatemala

Like any mission trip, how I answer the "why I'm going" before I leave will likely change once I get home.

I'm going for several reasons. I want to see Ashlyn explore her calling to missions. I want to explore my own calling into missions. And I want to step out of the fear and into the freedom of being a cancer survivor who has a green light from her doctors to do these kinds of things.

You may or may not know this part of my story - my hospital walls were plastered with "Jamaica or Bust" posters in high school because I had planned to go on a mission trip later that summer. My cancer diagnosis hampered those dreams, chemo and radiation kept me home and unable to go.

It's an amazing feeling, 18 years later, to be healthy enough to go on a trip like this.

Plus, I've been feeling really good, too - which is a major bonus.

What are we going to do?

I'm really excited to take this trip now, at age 35, because God's opening doors for me to use my storytelling and communication skills while we're there.

Here's a few of our plans:

Love on the house moms

There are 10 women who live with the kids at the orphanage each day who could use some mom love!

I am going to be leading several Bible studies/devotionals/journaling exercises to remind them of their identity as daughters of God.

I'm pumped to encourage them to remember their freedom and tell their stories so they can overflow onto the kids and help set them free!

Making books with the kids

I'm also taking all kinds of art supplies to make books with the kids.

Making a personal book is a powerful way to realize how unique you are, and how special God made you!


Wanna help and follow along?

I wanted to share about this trip for all of my blog readers and invite you to experience it with us. I'll be posting updates as I'm able, with sensitivity to the kids and house moms in mind.

We need your prayers!

Seriously, pray for us! Here's a few specifics:

  • We can safety get there and back without any hangups or delays.
  • We don't come down with any illnesses or issues with food.
  • Language barriers are opportunities and not frustrations.
  • Unity amongst our team, the teams serving that week and the leaders.
  • The words to say that will be encouraging, loving and fill them up!
  • Pray away anxious thoughts for our families (her parents, my hubby & kiddo)