Launching this new website today is like winning an Academy Award - except it’s less heavy, it doesn’t involve celebrities, and it is a LOT more colorful!

For those of you who’ve followed me for quite some time, you’ve watched this journey evolve. I started blogging in 2009 after my second colon cancer diagnosis. That led to freelance work as a communications professional, my “dream job” at Fight CRC, and then back to freelancing for many amazing organizations (which is what I do today as a professional communicator). And through it all, I’ve written blogs to share my life with you.

Today, it feels like all of these paths melt together, represented so beautifully by the colors you see.

So, in true acceptance speech fashion, I need to thank several people who made this website happen.


Yep, it’s true. His calling and leading ultimately led to this website, and I am so thankful for this platform to launch my voice and showcase what He’s up to in my life.

My Husband Mike.

Not only is Mike my constant cheerleader, but he’s crazy smart, wicked talented and he made this website happen. He worked with his team at Digital Division to make the dream come true, spending many nights next to me on the couch getting it just right.

Digital Division.

My partners at Digital Division are more than work colleagues, they’re my friends. This group is led by three women who I cannot respect and admire more. I proudly partner with them (and love training the writers and offering SEO copy writing for their clients). I am especially grateful to the web team for building me an AMP-enabled, SEO-friendly website. If you need a website - run, don’t walk - to work with this team.

Andrew Wortmann

I worked with Andrew at Fight CRC, and although life has taken us down different paths vocationally, we’re still a dream team. Andrew offered his stellar design skills and gave this website (and my business cards and other branding pieces) a colorful, fresh look. He’s pretty amazing and I’m so glad to call him a friend.

A final thought

In true Academy Award fashion, I want to offer a final thought.

Sometimes, we want our lives to fit into simple, defined boxes where everything has a space and makes sense. We want a focused, defined role for what we’re doing and why. (Or at least I do as an enneagram 1.)

In many cases, this is a great model to follow. Especially if we're selling chicken sandwiches.

But, when it comes to who we are as people, our uniqueness often won’t fit into a few pre-defined boxes.

Many of us can be both creative and logistical. Sometimes we want to go fast, other times we take it slow. All of us need alone time, and all of us - even the introverts - can use time with friends. We have both personal and professional sides to our lives. The list of dichotomies can go on and on.

When we don't pressure ourselves to choose one over the other or allow our different sides to compete, we will feel whole.

There's a reason we prefer crayon boxes with lots of different colors. In the same way, our variety and diversity - both as communities and individuals - is what makes life beautiful. And that is what this new website means to me.

(Cue orchestra music now.)

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