“I feel like God doesn’t want me to look for a lot of new clients this fall, but to sit tight and trust Him…” I told my girlfriends over chips and salsa a few Wednesday nights ago.

In the flurry of picking out a new pink backpack and filling an online shopping cart with school supplies for Mae, it dawned on me - summer was almost over.

I’d received clear instructions from the Lord last fall to leave my full-time position at Fight CRC in May and spend time with Mae in summer. But I hadn’t received any further direction for what came next.

Flash-forward to 24 hours later on Thursday night. I’m laying on the couch after putting Mae to bed when I check my email and see a message from my former college professor, now a colleague who I’ve kept in touch with over the years.

“Any interest in teaching the Campaigns class this fall semester?”

I didn’t need time to pray about it or even think twice - I immediately knew the answer in my heart. I quickly replied:

“Yes… I’m interested.”


Returning to the University of Central Missouri

Long story short, I updated my resume, wrote a cover letter, received recommendations from three amazing people and accepted the job to serve as an adjunct professor and teach a class about public relations campaigns at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) this semester.

Side story: I happened to be petting sheep at the zoo when I got the official news, which I find uniquely special and divine. God makes things very literal for me. This is how I can lead and shepherd people right now.

I’m having flashbacks to when I joined the staff of Fight Colorectal Cancer… a door I wasn’t knocking on opened and led me down a path destined for me.

God’s a romantic, and He knows I love these kinds of surprises. He also knows I often need reminded it’s Him who opens doors of opportunity. Not me. The details of the class, the flexibility I’ve received and the warm welcome back to campus affirms I’m supposed to be at UCM for the next five months. It’s also a fun bonus my “baby” cousin is there and we will get to eat lunch sometimes.

What happens after this fall - it’s a wild ride and all in His hands. I’m at peace with saying “who knows…”

Please be thinking of and praying for me as I jump into teaching this fall!