I had a dream... it was that one day my beautiful Fiestaware dishes wouldn't be hidden by a drab oak cabinet door.


A day where my old house's kitchen would reflect its true charm and character.

A day where I put everything I need to cook right in front of my face, letting the creative side of my brain thrive from an organized, pretty mess.

A day when my kitchen walls would come to life!


May I present to you our new kitchen shelves!

Huge thanks to our remodeler Mike who took my Pinterest inspiration yet the reality of what I have/need and created these bad boys for me.

I realized I've not blogged about the kitchen remodel yet. (Considering I decided to start blogging about real life YESTERDAY, bear with me.)

Let's just say remodeling your home is an amazing way to learn some life lessons.

Remodeling and Life

What can a kitchen remodel possibly teach about life? Well, for starters:

  • uncover old stuff first
  • dream about new possibilities
  • listen to the experts
  • learn patience
  • find surprises (like original hardwoods under gross, peeling laminate!)
  • take the time to do it right (and not get electrocuted)
  • do multiple coats as needed
  • refresh and renew
  • operate within boundaries (aka a budget!)
  • did I mention learn patience?

It's a process that very much mirrors healing and life. If we want something pretty and new, sometimes we've got to peel everything up, take everything out, knock some stuff down, and then rebuild. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance.

It's worth it because beauty comes out in the end.

Just like the beauty of these colorful plates against freshly-painted white walls. I think they're rejoicing with me that they can finally SHINE!

I'm doing a happy dance over these happy shelves. I wish you could hear Justin Timberlake playing in the background. It's that exciting.

Next week the floors will be repaired and refinished.  I'm still on the hunt for some great kitchen rugs and meaningful wall hangings. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Then we'll be done! I promise to write a before-and-after post so you can see it all from beginning to end.

You can snoop on my Instagram for a sneak peek... I've posted some pics along the way! In the meantime, high-five for these happy shelves! It's a great day.