Writing a book is a funny thing. You hold this idea inside of you for so long, but once you start typing, finish your manuscript, sign with a publisher and get rolling on edits, it speeds by. This beautiful thing you've held so closely to your soul for many years is suddenly not "yours" anymore.

I've heard publishing a book equated to parenting a lot, and I'm finding it's true in many ways.

Launch date & title

Let's see... first let me catch you up on the past month or so. We have a launch date! My book will launch on September 15, 2020. I hope to offer a pre-order link before then, stay tuned.

How does it feel? Amazing. Surreal. Exciting. I want to bake cookies daily and celebrate!

And, we have a title! I've been sitting on this title since last spring but it's locked in. The title of this memoir is BLUSH: How I barely survived 17.

Like it!?


Currently... line editing

Part of why I've blogged about each step of writing a memoir is so you can join me in the publishing process. Life is more fun with friends, yeah? Truth is, I'm learning how to become an author as I go. I don't have it all figured out yet. So, watch and learn.

Each book that you and I own carries its own story and journey into print. For my memoir, I've wanted you to see Part 1 (getting started), Part 2 (writing through the second part), Part 3 (thinking I'd finished the book), and Part 4 (writing an entirely new section and signing with a publisher). Currently, we've reached Part 5. What does that mean?

Line editing.

I'd been praying for a coach, and God delivered big time! You might remember I mentioned Curt Pesmen in my last blog post, he's also providing my line edits.

What's a line editor?

Basically, Curt is doing a cover-to-cover read of the book and helping me make sure it's a solid story. He's suggesting edits and phrasings, and encouraging me to think about parts to add and delete. I told him I didn't want him taking it easy on me. So, he's dug in.

He has the entire manuscript right now, which is currently over 78,000 words. Throughout this month and next, he will be reading the book and helping make it even better.


Book cover design

While Curt's working on the line edits, I'm scouring old journals to ensure the memories I wrote about are accurate. I'm also looking for additional entries that might be good to print inside of the book. I've never been more grateful to be an avid journaler - more than half of my life is written down!

I'm also in conversations about my book cover with the one-and-only Will Bryan.

You might remember Will, he designed the cover of my first book, Unexpected: 25 Advent Devotionals.

He is super talented, he knows me well, and he's ready to make this, and I quote, "the best book cover in the world." (Or something like that.) Will traveled to KC a few weeks ago to eat BBQ and cookies, visit a few clients in town, and start working on my book cover. Over the next few months, this will also start coming together!


Winter 2020

The goal is to have my edited manuscript to the publisher by early March. So, between now and then I'm editing, fact checking, praying, and taking an exhale. I literally wrote nonstop throughout the past few months (which is why the blogs have been sparse.) I've written, re-written and re-written my story. I've cut entire chapters I spent 20 hours writing. But, the book is shaping up and I am getting SO excited to share it with you!

So, there's a quick update on my book status so far! Thanks for cheering on this project, and stay on the lookout for another update soon!