Well friends, I didn't think when I wrote "Writing My First Memoir - Part 1" that it would be seven months later before I'd pen another post and update you on my book and "Part 2."

But, this storyteller has been busy!

I'm super fortunate to maintain an active freelance business where I've been editing magazines, updating SEO copy on website pages and working on a fun publicity campaign.

Not to mention, I wrote a short book of devotionals for advent and launched this new website around the first of the year!

It's been amazing stuff!

However, once March got over, I buckled down and told myself - "Danielle, get this book done." In my heart, I felt a gentle whisper lead me to get the entire book drafted by May 1.

So, I've been working fast and furiously the past several weeks and finally made it to the end of part 2!

I've got one more part left, and then I will reach the end of having my entire book drafted. The finish line is in sight!


I'm so young to be writing a memoir

One comment I've received a lot as I've shared I'm writing my memoir is "you're so young to write a memoir already!" I smile and nod, because I know they're right.

However, I am not sure of a better way to describe what I'm writing and why.

While I'm a whopping 35 years old now, this book is about events that happened in my life between the ages of 10 through 18. And while I'm still very much a young adult now, I feel like enough time has passed for me to look back over two decades and tell the untold stories and hidden insights.

I call it my "first" memoir because the dream is to write several more. Maybe one day I'll write a memoir about writing a memoir at age 35.

Doesn't that sound like a gem!

Next steps and how you can help!

Last time I wrote a blog update like this about my writing, a lot of amazing things happened.


I asked you to subscribe and follow along, and you did! Thanks for helping me build my email list and my Facebook page following. These are very helpful tools I can use when meeting with agents and publishers - they like to see that authors can build a following.

If you haven't yet subscribed, you're not too late! Will you sign up to receive my Monday morning emails, or if you already get them, will you tell your friends and ask them to sign up too? And, here's a link to follow my Facebook page and Twitter account if you don't already.


A lot of my readers are praying people, and I want to say thank you for those prayers. I can feel them, and I'm encouraged by them.

A ton of you often leave comments and send me notes telling me to keep going. I take them to heart and it helps me wake up and write every day!


Last time I posted a blog post about my memoir writing, my friend Kevin introduced me to his friend Dana, an author who jumped on a call with me and explained how self-publishing a book works and the pros and cons vs self-publishing and working with a traditional publisher. This led to me publish my first devotional, Unexpected, last Christmas.

It's seriously amazing what that simple ask did.

For this current book I'm writing, I'd love to partner with a traditional publisher to get it out there, although I'm open-handed about the path it needs to go.

However, should you have any connections to publishers looking for an aspiring author writing a story that will reach the hearts of tween and teen girls, and their parents, and encourage them to accept their bodies, not hide secrets and press into their faith - send them my way.

Thank you!

Again - thank you so much for reading. For writing me back. For cheering me on.

It wouldn't be as fulfilling to be a writer without any readers - so today I am super appreciative and celebrating YOU!

[update: Part 3 is complete!]